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He has told you, O Man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God... (Micah 6:8)

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Unity in Leadership when Satan Attacks

A key component of leadership is maintaining unity in the midst of the enemy's attacks. Often well-intentioned men need to be trained in how to handle Satan's attacks--especially when he seeks to discourage, divide and discredit God's servants. The following study can be used on a retreat, at a leadership meeting, in a conference breakout session, etc. Feel free to modify this for your purposes. Thanks and God Bless! when God is blessing and satan is attacking Introduction 1)...

Russ Brewer - avatar Russ Brewer Comments (0) 20 Apr 2016 Hits:820 Blog

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Slaves of Christ

Introduction The concept of slavery always has and always will be one of the most repugnant social institutions humanity has ever seen. It violates every sensibility in us. The idea of one person “owning” another cuts to the very core of justice. While much can be said about slavery (and we will in a few minutes), the fact remains that the Bible says in numerous places we are slaves of God, righteousness and Christ. Consider these following verses (all verses are from...

Russ Brewer - avatar Russ Brewer Comments (0) 23 May 2014 Hits:5583 Blog

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Reasons to Join in a Church

Reasons to Join in a Church Or reasons to go to church Related to Jesus—Church is a place… 1. To worship God publically and publically show our commitment to Him (Ps 96:3). If we do not declare His glory publically, what does that say about us? (Matt 10:32) 2. To tune our worship to truths about God that we might not otherwise declare of Him (Ps 96:1). 3. To serve God and His people and be a part of the work He is doing (Phil...

Russ Brewer - avatar Russ Brewer Comments (0) 10 Apr 2014 Hits:5890 Blog

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20 April

What God Did In My Life Just After High School

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He's so great, really, when you think about it. He allowed a kid who was into all kinds of mysticism, who was involved in a pretty rough crowd, who was haughty and prideful and selfish—He immediately took me in and began His divine heart surgery to change my life. The next few months were pivotal to my growth in the Lord. He took my hand and literally directed the way. I was too zoned-out from the accident. I was dazed, I was half crazy with grief. I was in shock.
– Excerpt from Russ' Story, click the title to keep reading...



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