Challenging Youth to Serve

Monday, 11 August 2008 12:14 administrator

Being involved with church since my earliest memories, it has always been difficult to separate volunteering and serving at my local church. What I mean by that, is I have a core belief that God has paid a price for my soul which can never be repaid and as an act of love I give of my time, resources and talents to the local community of believers. However, the separation comes in volunteering for the church and volunteering for community or other deserving causes. Do I think our communities need volunteers to serve by giving of their time, energy and resources? Yes - But. But, not without giving back to Christ. I am grateful and thankful for those who have gone before and paid the price for freedom and allowed me the privilege of voting and so forth, but my first loyalty is to the Lord who holds my eternity in the palm of His hand. Now this can look different for other people, I realize that. If we have been bought by Christ's blood, than we are His and He gifts us, directs us, and empowers us to be a light where we are. This often occurs in our community involvements, else we would become an isolated "members only" club. Coaching a youth soccer team reaches out to kids and parents who may not have seen the light of Christ and may very well be desparately searching for hope.  In fact the Bible says (Matthew 5:14-16) all those who call themselves Christians they should shine their light so others will be drawn to is and ultimately glorify God. However, no matter how wonderful our community involvement is, we should never neglect our involvement in the local church.