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Part VII - Seek God

Overcoming Sin – Part 7

The Bible frequently urges us to seek God for help with our sins.

  1. Read Matthew 6:33, what should every believer be seeking after?

    1. His K __________________.

    2. His R __________________.

  2. Who is Jesus talking about in Matthew 5:6?

    1. A person who H ____________ and T ___________ for righteousness.

    2. What does Jesus promise will happen when they hunger and seek after righteousness?

Why do we seek God for righteousness?

  1. Read Isaiah 45:24, where is the only source of righteousness and strength?

God is the only source of righteousness and He will give His righteousness to those who seek Him.

  1. Read Philippians 4:19, what is God able to give us?

  2. Read 2 Peter 1:3, what has God’s divine power given us?

    1. All things that pertain to L _________________ and G


  3. Read Psalm 19:12-14. What does the author ask God to do?

    1. C ______________ him from secret faults.

    2. Keep him from P ___________________ S _________.

    3. That his sins would not have D _________________ over him.

  4. According to Psalm 19:12-14, what will be the result of this cleaning from God?

    1. B_____________.

    2. Innocent of G ____________ T ___________________.

  5. Hosea 14:1 is a call for God’s people to return to Him. What does the prophet Hosea tell the people to do?

    1. Pray to God and ask God to “take away all


  6. Read Psalm 51:10-12, what are some things that King David asked God to do to purify him?

We must seek God because He is able to purify our life.

  1. According to Genesis 20:6, who kept Abimelech from sinning?

  2. 1 John 5:16, what will God do when we ask Him to strengthen a sinning brother?

    1. G ____________ him L ____________.

  3. What did Paul pray for the Philippians in 1:9-11?

  4. What did Paul pray for the Thessalonian believers in 1 Thessalonians 5:23?
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