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Part V - Truly Repent

Overcoming Sin – Part 5

What is repentance?

True repentance recognizes we have disobeyed and angered the Lord because of our sins. And since we love Him, we hate the sins in our own lives and stop doing those things that displease God.


1.     According to Psalm 41:4, when we sin, who are we sinning against? 

Repenting means seeing our sins as God sees them. Then, in our hatred of our sins, we seek to stop doing them.

2.     What does the Lord tell us in Luke 13:3 is the reason why we must repent?

3.     But not all “repentance” is true repentance. Read Exodus 10:16-17. Describe the reason why Pharaoh seemingly repented?

True repentance must come from God. Simply having sadness about how our behavior damages us is not true repentance.


4. In Isaiah 1:16-17, what are the two sides of true repentance? 

    1. C _______________ to do E ______________.

    2. L _______________ to do G ______________.


How do we repent?

We don’t become perfect overnight or by will-power, but we do confess and repent of the sins that God brings to our attention.


5. According to 2 Timothy 2:25, where does true repentance come from?


6.     According to 2 Timothy 2:26, what happens to those who truly repent?

7. Read 2 Corinthians 7:9-11 for an example of repentance that has been given by God. In verse 11, godly sorrow responds with: 

    1. D ________________  b. C ________________ (that is, removing the sin)

c.       I _________________ d. F _____________

e.       V ________________  D _____________

g.       Z ____________


What does repentance do?


8. What does James 4:8-10 say God will do when we repent?


9. What does Psalm 34:18 say about those with godly sorrow?


a. God is N __________ to the B ___________________.


b. God S ______________ those C ____________ in Spirit.


10. According to Titus 2:11-14 what will we be able to do when the grace of God’s salvation is applied to us?


D __________ U ___________________ (v 12).


D __________ W___________ D___________ (v 12).


We will be redeemed from L __________ Deeds (v 14)


We will be P _______________ (v 14)


We will be Z __________ for G ____________ Works.


11. If our spirit and heart are revived, how will this affect our response towards sin?


12. If our hearts our heavy, if God seems distant, perhaps we need to repent of some sins and give them up.


What does repentance look like?


13. An example of confession and repentance is found in Acts 19:17-20, what did the people do when they repented?

Conclusion: Repentance is to turn from or stop our sins. As we stop our sins, our walk with Christ will deepen. As we deepen our walk with Christ, He will strengthen us to be free from more sins. As we continue to repent of sins, our walk with Christ will grow deeper and stronger.

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