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Reasons to Have A Dog

Having had our yellow lab, Zeke for a year now, I’ve jotted down some reasons why it’s been so good for our family to have a dog. What are yours?

Ordinary Reasons:
a.Unconditional love
b.They’re cute
c.Protects the house
d.Playmate for kids
e.Keeps the kitchen floor clean
f.Foot warmer
g.Fertilizer for the grass (In many cases. In some cases, dogs are bad for the grass).
h.Conversation piece.
i.Good, wholesome laughter.

Extra-Ordinary Reasons:
a. Teaches us to care for another by considering their well-being. Dogs need food and water daily; that teaches us regular responsibility. Dogs need trips to the vet and the occasional flea bath. That teaches us about having to break out of the routine on behalf of another.
b. Dogs teach us about trust and the need to be trustworthy.
c. Dogs (or at least our boy Zeke) can be natural pacifiers, as in, they don’t like conflict between family members. More than once, our dog has rushed to the person who'se upset and seems to be saying, “Let’s not do this, can’t we all just be friends and get along?”
d. Dogs need regular exercise and as we take them on their daily walks, we see that we need to get outside too. These quiet walks can become natural times of renewal for our soul as we commune, in our solitude, with the Creator of the dog as well as the plants and animals we meet along the way.
e. Dogs need a disciplined, orderly life. Otherwise they are frantic and out of control. They need peace and joy in their home, otherwise they are sullen and aloof. Dogs serve as barometers indicating the quality, order and structure of our own life. Perhaps their hysteria is a reflection of what’s going on in the soul of our home.
f. Dogs are unable to talk, yet they have good days and bad days. This teaches us to consider the emotions and well-being of another, even when that other is not able to communicate what they are thinking or how they are feeling.
g. Dogs are lovable, sweet, and lots of fun. But tragically, in nearly all cases, they will die before us. Loving them teaches us to love another despite the understanding that one day that other will cause us great pain in their departure.
h. Dogs are wonderful greeters when you come home at night. They are reminders that the home is not about beds and books and appliances and things, but about life and love and kindness and service and joy.
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