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My Letter to the Editor Reqarding Suicides

Here's a letter I wrote yesterday to the newspaper. They interviewed me yesterday for a story about the school's response and I decided to bang out a few of my thoughts that I didn't get across clearly on Monday's meeting:

The recent tragedies in our community have caused many of us to pause and search our souls. Out of the confusion we have become increasingly more certain that life is a privilege and blessing. It is a precious gift of God, a possession to care for and cherish. We value life and are puzzled by those who seemingly do not.

Many people are examining where we are at and what got us here. Over the recent days, I have spent countless hours talking with many people. I often hear people searching for silver-bullet solutions to a problem that is too complex for any single cause, nor a single solution. Consequently, opinions abound and bombard us from every direction. People try to place the blame on schools, on parents, on society. Each accusation rings insufficiently hollow. Rather than bringing clarity, each competing idea/suggestion/speculation further adds to the din of confusion.

I realize that I am stating the standard pastor’s line, but I believe the answer lies in the Lord and our turning to him. He has written the manual on how we ought to live. He has written the manual on how we are to interpret the world. He has written the manual on how to handle life’s joys as well as disappointments. For thousands of years, his word has been the supreme guide for millions of souls—many of whom were facing even greater death, despair and defeat. His word can be the guide for us today.

This suggestion is not just another silver-bullet solution because the Bible speaks to every aspect of our complex lives. The Lord—his presence and power and wisdom—is only a page away. When we open up the Bible and begin to read it with the will to obey, we too will find that the merciful Lord will begin to mend our broken hearts.

God is in the business of redemption. He has redeemed His people by His son. He can redeem this situation by His grace. If we turn to Him, we will indeed find the refreshing waters of the Living Lord that sooth the anguish of our weary souls.

Grace and Peace,

Russ Brewer
Associate Pastor
Grace Tabernacle
2014 Main Street
Lake Como, NJ 07719
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Russ Brewer

Russ Brewer

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