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Paul's Example of Noble Thinking

47 Ways Paul Demonstrated Noble Thinking in the Book of Philippians

In Philippians 4:8, Paul lists several practical domains that are to govern the thought-life of God’s people. Among them is the word “Noble” or “Honorable”. Another way to translate the word would be “Dignified.” There’s not much available on this grand topic, but here are 47 observations that I made of how Paul exemplified noble thinking throughout the letter to the Philippians:

1. 1:3 Thankfulness towards God

2. 1:4 A life of prayer towards God

3. 1:9 A mind growing in knowledge

4. 1:9 A mind growing in discernment

5.  1:10 Approval of the things that are excellent

6.   1:12-13 An optimistic/silver-lining attitude

7.   1:14 Ability to see the redemptive value in a trial

8.   1:17 Extending grace towards others rather than unforgivness or a critical spirit

9.   1:18 Joy at the proclamation of the Gospel

10. 1:19-20 – Optimism in his situation

11. 1:21-22 A mindset of being sold-out for Christ

12. 1:28 Not easily being in fear over situations

13. 1:29 Trusting in Christ during conflict

14. 2:2 Being unified around spiritual truths

15. 2:3 A view that considers others as more important than yourselves

16. 2:4 A view that looks to the interests of others

17. 2:5-11 An attitude that seeks to be like Christ

18. 2:12 An attitude of fear and trembling as we are living out our salvation

19. 2:14 An attitude devoid of grumbling and disputing

20. 2:21 An attitude that seeks Christ’s interests rather than your own

21. 2:24 trust in the Lord

22. 2:26 A concern for the emotional condition of others

23. 2:30 Valuing the work of the Gospel even above one’s own life

24. 3:3 No confidence in fleshly religion

25. 3:7-8 Willingness to lose everything for Chris’s sake

26. 3:9 Seeking righteousness from God on the basis of faith

27. 3:10 A desire to know God

28. 3:10 A desire to know the power of the resurrection

29. 3:10 A desire to become like Christ, even in death

30. 3:12 A desire to press on to achieve the things Christ has called you to do

31. 3:13 Not dwelling on the past

32. 3:15 An attitude of submission and unity

33. 3:17 Noting and following the example of other mature believers

34. 3:18 A tender heart for the condition of the lost

35. 3:20 An attitude of waiting for Christ to return to bring us home

36. 4:1 Standing firm in the Lord, not being swayed from God’s truth or unity of Spirit

37. 4:2 Harmonious living with others

38. 4:3 A willingness to help others in spiritual need

39. 4:4 A heart of rejoicing, at all times

40. 4:5 A gentle spirit

41. 4:6 Peaceful, non-anxious living

42. 4:6 A sustained habit of bringing everything to the Lord in prayer

43. 4:7 Allowing the peace of God guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus

44. 4:8 Thinking upon that which is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, good repute, excellence and being praise-worthy.

45. 4:11 Contentment at all times

46. 4:14 A heart to share with others

47. 4:23 God’s grace renewing and reviving our spirits


You can listen to my whole sermon on this topic here.


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