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Ways to Get the Family Talking

Some Ways We Like to Build Family Relationships

1) Family Devotions: On many/most nights when I'm home, we break out the Bible and read a verse or two as a family. Almost always we read from the Book of Proverbs--it's a great collection of God's principles for successful living. We usually read two or three verses, discuss them, and then apply them to our lives. Before we close, I ask each person to share how that verse should impact their lives. Then, when we close in prayer, each person prays that specific item to God, asking His help to live out those principles. The purpose is to teach our kids the principle that God's Word speaks to specific situations in life, that His ways are the right way, and that we can only live out His ways by Him working in and through us. We often give out little candies as rewards so the kids love it. Also, for the Christmas season, see our page on how we celebrate the Advent here

2) Family Board Games: Hopefully every family plays games together. Some of our favorites are Chicken Soup for the Soul and WizDumb. Both of these games are designed as glorified conversation starters. Not only do they help us get to know one another better, but they are good for loads of laughs--and it's important for the family to laugh a lot. Another thing we've done is created a board game together. After a couple of years, the kids still ask to pull it out and play it. It's not that hard to create a game and it builds another level of appreciation into the moment. 

3) Watching Sports: While we do occasionally watch a family movie together, I find that watching sports allows us still to develop relationships. Often I'll explain the principles or strategy to the kids while the game is on. Likewise, the little bios of the players usually provide great fodder for conversations about life/decisions etc.

4) Playing Sports: I find that one of the great "Ah, that was great!" activities we do is playing sports together as a family--usually this amounts to Roller Blading, Biking or Swimming. The best, though, is touch football. I find that touch football uniquely gets everyone involved at a level where they are engaged, excited and having a blast. The older kids are designated QB's and Corinne and I are designated receivers. The youngest is the designated Full Back who does a great time running his routes, unless he runs wildly in the wrong direction, which happens about once a game.

5) Ministry Together: It's so important that our children see that Christ is real and working in our lives. One way that they can see that is when we are all in a place where He is working in us and through us. Therefore, when possible we like to involve our kids in ministry with us. Two are still a bit young for this, but our oldest has really thrived with the opportunity to serve along side us in the office and on Sundays.
What are ways that you get your family talking?
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